how to copy cd linux | clone cd linux

I use RedHat 6.x and needed to copy an audio cd, here are the steps I used. Note, I first learned that audio cd’s are not mounted as file systems…so using something like dd won’t work (at least not how I tried)

The tool I used was cdrdao.

See if you have it $which cdrdao

If you need to install it try something like sudo apt-get install cdrdao or yum install cdrdao depending on your platforms package installer.

Now I’ll assume you have cdrdao installed

1) Copy the audio cd to a file from the command line to a convienent location.
$cdrdao read-cd –device /dev/cdrom /tmp/cd.toc

2) Eject the master cd and insert a blank cd-r or cd-rw

3) Make the copy
$cdrdao write /tmp/cd.toc


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