SOLVED: Easy way to view unread messages in Outlook 2010

A quick method to search for unread messages in Outlook 2010 is to use the search bar with appropriate syntax (see below) for a quick view of unread messages in your inbox.

If you type “read:no” into the search box in Outlook 2010 you will be shown all unread messages.

I find this much faster and more convienent than clicking the “View menu” then clicking “View Settings” then choosing the “Filter” button then selecting the “More Choices” tab and finally selecting the “Only items that are: Unread” checkbox.

What follows are some other useful search box commands as a bonus. They are self explanatory.

“from: Michael Harmon”
“michael or harmon”
“subject: TPS reports”
“read: no” – as mentioned above, shows only emails that are unread.
“has attachment: yes” – shows emails with attachments only

Do you have additional useful shortcuts you use? Please drop me a comment to share.