The Republic Wireless experience

Republic wireless is a company that offers discounted mobile phone service at very reasonable pricing. I’ve never been a heavy cell phone user, and was tired of paying so much for phone service. I had been monitoring the republic wireless offer for more than a year and finally decided when it was time to buy a new phone, I’d give them a try. That was 6 months ago.

After 6 months of service, I continue to be very happy overall with the plan and phone. I have the Moto G phone – which I opted to get in the 16GB variant since it doesn’t have a micro SD slot or other expandable storage option.

Wifi to cell switching – seamless, neither I or the caller detect any issue or delay. I have learned to tell when it’s happening as there becomes a brief (1 second) period on my end where the call is garbled but still understandable as the switch occurs. It’s something that doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s imperceptable to the person on the other end and doesn’t bother me at all, especially when considering how little the service costs.

Wifi call quality – outstanding, no issues at home or work. I do have very good high speed internet access. There have been a few minor problems I haven’t figured out yet with Wifi calling. One is that occassionally I’ll see a wifi incoming call ever so briefly (e.g. 1 ring) then before I can answer it goes to ‘missed call’.

Cell call quality – Outstanding in Boise where we live. Better than expected actually. My understanding is that republic wireless uses the sprint network which in the past hasn’t been considered the best service, however it’s been better than my experience on T-Mobile and Verizon in the Boise area. I get good coverage in Eagle, Boise, and all along Highway 55. I can’t speak to the cell coverage yet in Cascade or McCall.

Moto G 16GB – solid entry level Android phone. Minimal complaints here. I have experienced on one or two occassions the mystery battery drops from > 50% charged to zero suddenly. A few hours on the charger and a reboot seemed to remedy this problem for me. I haven’t had it happen again in the past 3 months. The camera is mediocre, but does an okay job. Audio quality on the phone is excellent for calls, and volume is very good. Speaker phone on the Moto G isn’t very good according to the people on the other end. Phone size and weight are perfect for me. Comes with pretty recent version of Android. I’m afraid to root the phone since it has the proprietary republic wireless image on it so I have had to bury the android stock crapware in a folder rather than purge it from the phone as I’ve done in the past.

Here is a link to save you $20 if you decide to sign up for republic wireless: Republic Wireless Website