Freedompop Review 2017 | Samsung Galaxy S5

After two years of using Republic Wireless and being more or less happy with it, my Motorola MotoG first edition is becoming too slow for me. I’ve also noticed that RW plans are not as competitive as they used to be, especially for data. So, I went on a search to try another provider and quickly found I don’t own a TV so I’ve never seen the commercials for this it was simply a google search that led me there. The ordering process was quick and easy and I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S5 (pre-owned) and premium service 1GB/month data for a total of $236 dollars. The phone was 140 and the annual premium service was 79/year. I was so excited I opted for the 17 dollars extra to expedite shipping (mistake, keep reading).

The order was placed 3 weeks ago – today the phone arrived via UPS; so much for expedited shipping. To me, expedited means 2 days from click to box arriving (thanks Amazon for setting the bar high).

The phone came in a nice box and it doesn’t look like it was ever used before (I couldn’t find fingerprints, scratches, etc. I did check the water damage stickers on the phone which were still white so that checked out.

I was disappointed to find that the charger supplied isn’t an original Samsung charger, nor does it have the dual prong micro usb 3.0 charger cable. I don’t know how much I’m missing out on, but the standard micro usb 2.0 cable was in the box.

The next disappointment was the activation process. It seems that my account is stuck in the ‘preparing shipment’ phase despite having arrived at my home today. This was like a wet blanket on my happy moment. I have submitted the ticket to requesting help since I can’t use my phone to make phone calls until this is resolved and I can successfully activate the phone. I did find a load of evidence I’m not the only person with this problem – some people complained they waited as much as a month to resolve this.

So lessons learned – 1) don’t pay for expedited shipping. 2) Have another phone for a while since this process could take a while.

I’ll update once the phone is activated and I’ve had some time on it.

Update April 2017

A few things I’ve learned. First watch your credit card bill. FP recently billed me for another 79.99. I emailed their support and after 3 days I received a response indicating they had made an error, but that the refund would take few more days because it requires manager approval. After nearly a week, I got the refund.

The call quality leaves a lot to be desired. I dn’t have the premium voice so everything is VOIP. I get dropped calls, bad call quality – about what I’d expect for 6.75 / month. I wouldn’t use this service for anything other than light personal use.

FP is worth the current cost for me. I have to struggle to find good signals when not connected to WIFI.