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how to copy cd linux | clone cd linux

I use RedHat 6.x and needed to copy an audio cd, here are the steps I used. Note, I first learned that audio cd’s are not mounted as file systems…so using something like dd won’t work (at least not how I tried)

The tool I used was cdrdao.

See if you have it $which cdrdao

If you need to install it try something like sudo apt-get install cdrdao or yum install cdrdao depending on your platforms package installer.

Now I’ll assume you have cdrdao installed

1) Copy the audio cd to a file from the command line to a convienent location.
$cdrdao read-cd –device /dev/cdrom /tmp/cd.toc

2) Eject the master cd and insert a blank cd-r or cd-rw

3) Make the copy
$cdrdao write /tmp/cd.toc


Free tool to optimize wood cuts

This is pretty cool, and it’s free. Nothing to install either.

Cutting ellipse with router: <a href=””>click here</a>

Bookcase instructions: <a href=”,,20186212_20429376,00.html”>here</a>

zlib on redhat 6 for adt bundle

To fix the compile problem on a 64 bit redhat machine you will want to do the following

1) Download the latest zlib source
2) tar -xvf the downloaded file
3) run ./configure –libdir=/lib (this is where my 32-bit libs are for red hat enterprise 6)
4) edit the Makefile and add -m32 to the CFLAGS and SFLAGS lines
5) Run make to compile
6) make install

Linux Mint Wireless Dell Mini 10v

I recently installed Linux Mint version 12.10 on my dell mini. I had upgraded the stock hard drive to a ssd and decided to try something new. My hardware all worked fine with a fresh install with the exception of the wireless network adapter. On the Dell mini 10v you probably have (like me) a broadcomm wireless card. It’s very easy to fix and get it working here are the steps.

1) Find out if you have the same wireless card as me. Open a bash shell and run this command

lspci -vnn | grep 14e4

I get this: 09:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY [14e4:4315] (rev 01)

2) If you see something different, stop and keep looking elsewhere for a solution. Otherwise install the broadcomm driver with this command:

sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-lpphy-installer

3) Now reboot and you should have wireless working.

Android SDK Manager behind proxy

If you are having trouble downloading or installing additional SDK’s via the eclipse android sdk manager you might need to update the proxy settings. I tried exporting HTTP_PROXY variable in bash but that didn’t work. Here is what worked for me.

1) Start eclipse
2) In Eclipse open the “Window” menu and choose “Android SDK Manager” item
3) In the Android SDK Manager dialog, Open the Tools menu and choose Options.
4) Enter your proxy address and port. Don’t include the http:// in the proxy address just the server name (e.g.

Finally, From the Android SDK manager dialog refresh the available packages by opening the Packages Menu and choose Reload.


Message not downloaded T-mobile

I was getting sms messages that displayed on my Sony Xperia phone as “Message not downloaded” without any more information. I’m using T-mobile pay per month on a factory unlocked Xperia that is new. Turns out the issue is that some text messages that contain data (like a photo or video, or even an icon) are treated as MMS messages. You need to have data enabled and the correct APN (access provider network) settings configured. You’ll need to enable data network first on your Android and either use the settings in the phone for the APN or search for your providers settings on the internet. Problem solved.

How to install php 5.4 on redhat enterprise 6.1

I was having a problem with my RHEL 6.1 installation where I needed to install xdebug for php development debugging. My installation was RHEL 6.1 with php version 5.3.3. I ended up installing the webtactic yum repo, then tried installing php54w but got a conflict with php-common. I ended up deciding to remove the existing php 5.3 installation via yum, then went ahead and installed the php54w version along with the php54w-devel package (needed for phpize). After doing so I was finally able to follow the instructions at How To configure XDebug to complete the installation. The key being that I had to update the /etc/php.d/xdebug.ini file to make it look like this. After doing so, and restarting apache, I’m able to debug php programs on redhat with netbeans.

;Enable xdebug extension module

How to block TOR dynamically

I’m still trying to figure out how to block users of the onion network aka TOR from using some of my sites.  I’ve found that TOR actually provides a mechanism using reverse dns lookups to help you identify tor exit nodes and take appropriate action.

Here is the TOR page that describes how to use TorDNSEL

TorDNSEL information


Another resource that may prove valuable is this fellow who put up an example php script to make use of this method to identify tor users.

TOR PHP Example

Web service to get geoip location of ip address

The problem I was trying to solve was a clean and quick way to get the country code quickly for a range of ip addresses.  There are many available libraries out there to do this but the one I found to be the easiest to use is provided via a web service which can be accessed from any scripting language to automate the process.

The only step required is a quick and free signup for an api key from this URL:

Then you can use the service like this:

Which will return something like follows in your web browser:

OK;;;US;UNITED STATES;CALIFORNIA;MOUNTAIN VIEW;94043;37.3861;-122.084;-08:00