First experience with Uber

I needed a ride back from Vancouver, WA to Portland airport to pick up my car. The taxi fare for this is typically around 30 dollars + tip. I downloaded the uber app and within 10 minutes was picked up by a nice driver in a clean new civic. He dropped me where I needed to go promptly and the total fare was $18.92 or just a little more than half what a taxi would have charged. Of course, I also gave him a tip for his effort. The overall experience was good. The setup of an Uber account was quick and easy, I like that you can watch the driver on his way to pick you up (so you know how long it will be). The cashless system is quick, and easy on everyone. As a bonus it was fun to talk to this guy during the ride and the nearly instant SMS updates on pickup estimate and arrival etc. are wonderful. Overall A+ and I’d do it again next time I need a lift. Unfortunately Portland pickups are currently on hold while Uber works out terms with the local government. They are supposed to resume in April 2015 providing pickup service within Portland, but in my case I needed a WA pickup and a Portland dropoff which was still allowable.

Have you used Uber? Was your experience similar?

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