HP Spectre XT 13 broken hinge repair

hpspectre13_gallery-100221174-galleryI recently purchased a HP Spectre XT 13 model 2050nr for my wife. It is an outstanding laptop. After owning it for a few months we noticed that the left hinge was broken. Actually, the hinge itself wasn’t broken, but the hinge mount broke away from under the screen bezel.

spectre broken hinge
HP Spectre XT-13 2050nr broken hinge mount

Basically the display case is backed by aluminum (what you see on the outside), and on the inside under the screen bevel (removed in the above photo) there is a plastic sub-frame which is what the hinges mount to. It’s unfortunate that this is made out of plastic and from reading forums on other sites, this hinge problem on the Spectre XT seems to be more common that you might imagine for a high end ultrabook model of laptop.

Let’s talk about what to do to fix the problem.

Based on my research, there are a few places you can buy a replacement part. I chose to go directly through HP to ensure I had the standard 1 year replacement warranty they provide on OEM parts. I will comment here that I was able to find used parts on ebay and other Chinese websites for about 2/3 the price of the HP original part but given that they are not new, nor are backed by a warranty I stuck with the manufacturer.

The original part number for my model (HP Spectre XT-13 2050nr) is 694726-001 which has been replaced now with the current HP part number of 711562-001. Here is the link to HP part surfer where you can verify the correct part for your computer and order it from Amazon:

Buy on Amazon.com: HP Back Cover, 711562-001

Disassembly of the Spectre XT-13 2050nr.

1) Make sure the power is completely off. Unplug the A/C power cable from the laptop and press and hold the power button for at least 5 seconds to ensure the power is entirely off.

2) Remove the screen bezel. I used a small flat head to pry it gently from the screen. It pops off and there are some glue points. If necessary you can use a blow dryer to gently warm the glue points. Don’t break the bezel. It is thin and fragile.


HP Spectre remove bezel
HP Spectre XT 13 with bezel removed from screen

3) On the bottom of the computer are 10 screws. Remove those screws and note which holes they go to. They are not all the same size.

4) Pry away the base of the laptop. It will look like the image below.

bottom cover removed
Spectre 2050nr with bottom cover removed

5) Disconnect the battery from the mother board.

6) Disconnect the display from the motherboard.

display connector
Spectre XT-13 display connector location

7) Find the three screws securing each hinge to the main part of the laptop and remove them. Part of those hinge mounts are under other PCB’s in the case so be careful.

spectre hinge screw location
Screw locations for hinge mount on Spectre XT-13 2050nr

8) Separate the display from the laptop (carefully). Here is a short video Youtube video here that does more justice to the simplicity of this step. Note the trick at the end of the video on how to gently slide down the display to separate it from the case.

Repeat the above steps in reverse order to reassemble with the replacement part.

Hope this helped you – post a comment if you have questions.

7 thoughts on “HP Spectre XT 13 broken hinge repair”

  1. Hi,
    Is it possible to fix part of the screen panel?
    the led panel seems to be in very good condition, but it doesn’t work, and I assume it’s the power inverter or something like that.
    is it possible to replace only this?

    1. Hi Mos – the power inverter can also be replaced. If the screen is not powering on at all that is likely the cause. You can find them on ebay for a few dollars. Good luck.

  2. If it helps anyone else, I had the same issue with the left side hinge/mount. the hinge had a small square of the plastic that stayed on hinge and separated from metal back. I was able to fix it with JB Weld, gluing the square plastic back to the metal backing.

    1. Ryan – That is what I did the second time it broke (the first time I replaced the part entirely which failed a few months again in the same place). I used airplane super glue and it’s been holding for more than a year now with no problems. I agree its the simpler solution and certainly costs less.

  3. Hello, I have a destroyed component in PQ701 place. It’s near of the LCD connector. Someone can send me the reference ? Thanks !

  4. i have HP Spectre xt and half of my screen is dark.
    can it be repaired or the whole lcd will be changed?

    1. Hi Aziz,

      If half of your screen is dark, unfortunately my sense is that you will need to replace the display.

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