My Android phone hints

I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 phone to learn more about the Android OS. This page is intended to help others who have the same phone and share hints and tricks I have learned along the way.

Here is how I rooted my device:

Once rooted, you can remove the system apps you don’t want following this guide:

1. Download ([Only registered and activated users can see links]) file and copy it to your sdcard
2. Run in maintenance mode (power + middle button)
3. Update from sdcard, select the file
4. After the update completed – reboot in normal mode.
5. There should now be an icon named Superuser – launch that app, then connect via adb to the device.
6. Once logged into adb type su
7. On your phone you should see a popup requesting you to accept the request for root access. Click accept and you should be good to go.

Note: I had first tried to use Superoneclick which didn’t work for me.

Click here for a guide to remove stock default apps

You will probably want the default google apps that Samsung seemed to have stripped from the image they provide. You can download the gapps file from HERE You will need to copy the zip file to your sim card, boot into the recovery mode (hold down power plus middle button on boot) and select install application from SIM card. Select the zip file you just downloaded and you are done.

HINT: When you go to create/login to your google account now, you will need to make sure that background data and auto-sync were checked in the general sync settings. without them being checked i could not add an account over wifi or cellular data. as soon as i checked those boxes i was back to normal

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