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1997 Accord Door locks keep locking FIX!

My door locks kept actuating on my 1997 Honda Accord. There was no grinding noise, but it was concerning because they would continue to keep locking for several minutes after I would lock them. My concern was that at some point they would continue indefinitely and kill the battery in the process leaving me in a lurch.

The problem turned out to be the driver side door lock actuator. It is not terribly difficult to remove with simple hand tools. Many posts indicate that the rubber stoppers wear out, and most of the posts talk about gear grinding noise as a result. I didn’t have that problem, but when I would manually activate the locking mechanism the leads would bounce and cause the controller module (which is separate, in the door as well) to re-activate, then the bounce would occur and the situation would repeat over and over again.

You can find a replacement on amazon – Amazon – Door lock actuator 1994-1997 Accord

The job takes about 1 hour to complete, and while I was in there I cleaned out the lower window channel and sprayed some silicon in there as well to help the slow driver side window go up and down with less resistance.

Send me a message if you need help or have questions.